Winners 2010-2011

Winners of the 2010–2011 Next Generation Digital Innovation Scholarships.

Adelina Bilalli
The one thing to have extended the human invention to its most supreme levels ever, is exclusively technology. It fears somehow that it might gain superiority over the human as well, hence as John Tuder stressed once, technology makes it possible for people to gain control over everything, except over technology itself. Technology on its own is neutral in character; it takes the human to decide on its purpose of use. Therefore, my worries are not on how technology will develop further, hence I have no reasons to doubt on its progressive move, but what I put into question is the way humanity is going to use it. We, and consequently I, belong to a generation whose world is shaped by technology.
Darsei Canhasi
Creating a Technology Research and Development Institute is my future goal for my country. We still do not have an institution that encourages and enables the ambitious people to express their knowledge. Technology is a field of possibilities when it comes to innovations. It is important because Kosova would begin to contribute to the global community. A Research and Development Institution is the proper way to raise the voice of our small country towards the rapid trend of globalization.
Mrika Aliu
Future technology that the world needs is eco-buildings, with all buildings being green as current ones fail to be energy efficient. Solar roofing and wind turbines will no longer use fuel which depletes natural resources and pollute the air. The flying car as a non-gas powered mean of transportation will no longer carbonize the air. Force field computers will no longer use glass and keyboards, instead we just need to deactivate force field whenever we need air, which will reduce electronic waste.
Fisnik Sapunxhiu
I think it is very important for us as a young country to be involved with the digital world, find a way how we can reap the benefits that technology delivers and learn from other countries that have had success in using technology accordingly. Knowing how ambitious and relentless we can be, I think it is very achievable. If we want to move forward and catch up with the industrial world, we need to make technology imperative and mandatory in our current agenda.
Donjeta Sahatciu
Considering the rapid expansion, two to three decades from now, I expect Kosova to show a greater competence in promoting efficiency in the economy, and public health care sectors. Bottom line, Kosova lacks crucial medical-related equipment, due to which several Kosovars are constantly obliged to undertake surgeries in expensive European medical centers. In the future, this should be a focal point of domestic and foreign technological investments.
Hana Sahatqija
I have put a mission in front of me and to complete it I have engaged myself in being one of the top students in my university with 8 consecutive times on the Dean’s Excellence List and a high GPA; At present, I’m running for Student Government President and I’m organizing my campaign to hopefully become the first female Student Government President in my university’s history.
Lum Citaku
Technology is a big advantage for anyone wanting to start working for a cause, or any kind of activity. It is an instrument that strengthens your ability to contribute in improving the quality of your and everyone else’s life. Political perspectives, means of administration, ways of life, will evolve together with technology.
Abetare Gojani
Through the powerful gifts of passion, love, and intellectual determination, I plan to start a managerial marketing and development agency and engage the underrated and untapped human resources of Kosova s communities. As a young nation, now more than ever, Kosova needs young leaders to pick up their pencils and fight for her well-being and for a better future for the ones ahead of us, and to honor the sacrifice of those behind us
Agim Beselica
In a new country as is Kosova, technology is crucial to keep us informed, involved, and on-the-ball. As we move towards the global-village concept and globalization is felt on every corner of the world, it is fundamental for Kosovars to understand modern technology and be comfortable users of it. This contributes not only to us learning about world trends and developments, but also informs the world about us, our existence and our contribution to it.”
Anesa Ramaxhiku
Looking on the dawn of the 21st century, we see the infinite possibilities in technology as our knowledge and understanding of these things continue to grow. I think that the world needs a new medical technology because people are dying because of the big number of diseases that are growing day by day and maybe by new technologies a big number of the diseases will disappear.
Valbona Fejzullahu
I think everything is possible in this world all you need is a great will and be fully determined on realizing your goal. I am ready to face challenges and show my capabilities as I have a great will and I am fully determined.
Arton Krasniqi
Technology in today’s world is something irreplaceable, related to every field of study, a modern field that is the basic for exploring your ideas and exploring your observations and making the connection between people much easier than never. Kosovo needs the technology to be more explored and more and more used as it is trying to progress and achieve the same development as other consolidated democracies in other countries, especially with them in Europe and region.
Agon Karakashi
Nowadays web designing and software development has become fundamental to the companies around the world. Introduction of these applications has influenced in effectiveness of the companies in that stage that we can’t imagine a company working without this technology. I want to be part of technology and this is the reason why being a programmer is very important to me.
Flutra Salihu
World without technology today I can not imagine Its my profession that without technology it is impossible. Computers, Total Stations, GPS, up to satellites in Earth orbit are part of my daily life.I can not do even a single job without using the technology, even coordinates can not arrange without using technology, not to mention the everyday needs of Internet use that is made like a window to connect us with the world.
Gentrit Gojani
I ask myself and others Can we imagine a machine so big it dwarfs entire planets, with a single goal, a single purpose, hovering in space, blotting out the stars? A machine consisting of entire worlds, entire ecosystems powered by chemicals and energy regulated by computers that build and program themselves, always kept up to date automatically, and modified as needed by the people who live in these habitats, this machine curves in on perfection, but never really reaches it. That is the technology I want for this world.