Individual Support

IPKO Foundation has shown extensive support to individuals who exemplify the core values that IF’s mission tries to instill. Apart from providing financial support to innovative and sustainable projects, the Foundation has proven to be the prime advocate of individual development in an effort of building the next generation of leaders with a digital vision for Kosovo. By investing in their further education, IF makes sure that its objectives are put into practice.

Edi Muhaxhiri
One of the individuals that IF has recently supported is Edi Muhaxhiri, who used IF’s financial support to be part of the 57th London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF). LIYSF is a two-week programme hosted by Imperial College London and supported by many of the UK’s most prestigious research institutions. Delegates from a wide range of countries can attend specialist lectures, visit research facilities and participate in student discussions and extra-curricular activities.
Lira Ramadani
Another individual that has benefited from the generous support of IPKO Foundation is Lira Ramadani. Through these means, Lira was able to take part in the Digital Business Development course offered at the Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences (MAMK) in Mikkeli, Finland. The aim of this course was to implement a digital business development project for a local company or an organization in multinational student groups.
Dian Fishekqi
YouTube Tutor "Akademia e Dijes"
More than three years ago, Dian has started started a YouTube channel called "Akademia e Dijes" (Academy of Knowledge) aimed at helping elementary schoolers in math and other science subjects. Dian has kept his channel going for three years, and without any campaign or promotion the channel has already reached over 390K Views and over 1000 subscribers.
Jon Zuka
3D Printing Chocolate
Jon Zuka is an enthusiast and a home scholar, and thinks home-schooling is a good alternative considering how boring school can be in Kosovo. His tools are, YouTube,, eBay (yes, you can learn while shopping!), etc. His latest project involved 3D printing and it’s applications in real life.
Arjeta Mullatahiri
Open Youth Academy
Arjeta got funding to attend the Open Youth Academy, a youth summer education program organised by Code for Croatia and the Information Commissioner, which focuses on using and reusing of the information of the public sector.
Dardana Fetahu & Blend Lahu
OBESSU Conference
Dardana and Blend were able to attend the OBESSU Conference in Tallin, Estonia, and present the voices of Kosovo youth at the said conference!
Blerta Thaci
Oslo Innovation Week
At Oslo Innovation Week 2016, Blerta Thaci was able to closely see the tech and innovation from the whole world being presented during this week. There were pitching contests, hackathons, workshops, seminars and company crawls, and about 250 speakers from different backgrounds (ie. Experts, entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, innovators, founders and change makers).
Driart Elshani
Dafina and Jozefina were able to advance professionally by gaining knowledge for new technology on professionalized software, creating and generating G-Code and direction of CNC machines by G-Code through a course, financed by the IPKO Foundation Sponsorship Program!
Endrit Toplica
Building 3D Printers
Endrits dream was to build an easily accessible, cheap 3D printer to be used on each desktop in every home, school or office and to encourage innovation and creative thinking! Endrit is well on his way in realizing his project through the help of our Sponsorship Program.
Altin Ukshini & Genc Bokshi
CCC Conference
Altin and Genc, through our Sponsorship Program, attended the 33rd Chaos Communication Congress - an annual event organized by the Chaos Computer Club of Germany. Chaos Computer Club is the largest European hacker association and the congress is their biggest event where hackers from all over the world gather around a huge series of talks and workshops on technology, society, and utopia.
Pleurat Rudi & Berat Bejtullahu
Tech-Conference in Belgrade
With the spirit of learning about new technologies in education and bringing that same knowledge to the Kosovo education system, Berat and Pleurat attended the New Technologies in Education 2017 event, in Belgrade and have brought back with them amazing experiences and ideas!