Support for Organizations / Events / Activities

IPKO Foundation offers support for organizations for events and activities which aim to:

  • Break down social stereotypes related to technology; to identify routes round barriers to entry for anyone to get into technology; to encourage and nurture those interested in technology; to include men, women and children in the journey (such as Girl Geek Dinners).
  • Enhance youth skills of technology, creativity, innovation and teamwork (such as Prishtina Hackerspace).
  • Engage the community of academics, users, developers and people to promote certain issues related to technology.
  • Establish a new environment for discussion around fields which are related to technology and innovation (such as BarCamps).
  • Help communities, organizations and individuals to connect through presentations, talks, and formal or informal gatherings.
  • Implement activities that relate to the mission of IPKO Foundation, which address the needs of the community and develop effective solutions of daily-life problems (such as UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo).
  • Provide trainings or tools for hands-on/practical activities which help youngsters learn tech, soft, or vocational skills (such as BONEVET).
  • Work with youth of pre-college age for educational and career orientation purposes such as but not limited to debates, lectures, workshops, and trainings which support their entry into jobs which require technology use and skills.
  • Promote the digitalization of services within other organizations and/or bridge the digitalization gap prevalent in Kosovo.
  • Induce the opening of data and use such data to come up with reports or solutions that counter any issue or problem (such as Open Data Kosovo).
  • Develop their ideas and transform them into projects or initiatives that benefit the local community or society in general (such as UPSHIFT KMUNA).
  • Contribute towards the development, education and success of the future generation of leaders (such as FS&I Nushi )
  • Seed and develop the passion and love towards technology for the upcoming leaders in the digital field (such as TOKA’s Robo Camp and Shkolla Digjitale)
  • Contribute towards open source software, free culture and open knowledge (such as FLOSSK).

Each request for sponsorship will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be locally registered non-profit organizations with at least least one (1) year experience of operating with projects or programs that benefit communities in Kosovo.
  • Applications will be compared against each other to ensure gender balance, age and geographic diversity for the people being served.
  • Applicants from smaller municipalities, rural areas, or representatives of marginalized communities are prioritized.
  • Ideally, IPKO Foundation would not be the only funder of the activities. Applicants are encouraged to seek funding from additional donors.

To apply, please fill up the following form here.

Applications must contain the specific amount of funding being requested for and the actual budget line, and must abide by all eligibility requirements; otherwise, they will not be taken into consideration. Please be reminded that the maximum sponsorship amount is 2,000 EUR.

IPKO Foundation guarantees a reply to your request at a maximum of twenty (20) working days after the open call is closed.