The IPKO Foundation review process was developed specifically for the Kosovo context where awards programs are often tainted by allegations of corruption and bias. Our process is based on the unique processes developed by the Institute for Sustainable Communities for their international grantmaking programs.

We aim to be as transparent as possible with our selection process. The following steps are taken for each reviewing process:

  • The criteria are developed and posted for all to see during the application period (see Evaluation Criteria).
  • The application process is entirely automated and anonymous. Applicants register for accounts and submit their application online. Once they are deemed eligible by meeting the eligibility requirements (see Eligibility), all identifying information is removed before putting them into a pool of active applications which are ready for review.
  • A Technical Review Committee, comprised of at least three (3) reviewers, is assembled, trained, socialized to the selection criteria and process and then assigned a docket of applications to review.

Reviewers have been selected based on the following criteria:

  • No direct linkages to the students at the university – not assigned students they are currently teaching,
  • Understand the mission/vision of the Foundation and what we are trying to accomplish with the scholarship program,
  • Have the willingness to use the online system and the ability to understand the scoring process/criteria
  • Be of sufficiently reputable character so their judging would not be called into question.

All applications are first reviewed for completeness and missing information. The application is checked against the application criteria previously posted.

Once an applicant is deemed eligible they are assigned to at least 3 reviewers. Each reviewer only sees their job/volunteer history and essay, but NOT their personal identifying information. In addition, they only only see their own review sheets and not those of other reviewers.

Each reviewer assigns a score to their candidate based on the review criteria we posted on the website. The applicants are ranked according to their overall average score. The Foundation then allocates scholarship money based on the rankings until the entire allocation of scholarship funds is exhausted. IPKO Foundation reserves the right to award more or less based on the competitive pool of applicants, the funding priorities of IPKO Foundation, and the current environment in Kosovo.

A program manager reviews all applications to ensure diversity in terms of gender, area of interest and equitable representation from different universities. Once all applications are reviewed they are ranked by average scores. Awards are made in order of ranking until the entire pool of scholarship funds are exhausted.

IPKO Foundation aims for the highest ethical standards in all its operations. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, the review committee, or criteria, please contact us at +386 (0)49 196 655 or email us at