Scholarship FAQs

Q: Why should I apply for the Scholarship Program?
A: IPKO Foundation will help students who possess high academic capacities, and who drive groundbreaking ideas by supporting their education through scholarships. Our Scholarship Program is not only about financial support. Besides tuition awards, IPKO Foundation Scholars have the opportunity to attend events, network with business leaders and innovators from around the world. Furthermore, IF Scholars tend to be part of different events organized by our foundation and our partners.

Q: Am I eligible for the IPKO Foundation Scholarship Program?
A: If you are a citizen of the Republic of Kosovo and study in Kosovo; if you have your first year of Bachelor studies finished; if you study in one of the Accredited Universities in Kosovo; if you have a 3.4/8.0 GPA or higher, respectively; if you study in an area where technology plays a key role; if you participated in different activities and demonstrated a commitment to digital innovation through course work, volunteer projects, internships, jobs and academic projects – yes you are eligible.

Q: I study Medicine. In which year should I be, in order to apply for this scholarship?
A: In order to apply for the Scholarship support, you must have completed your first year of studies. In that case, if you are attending a 6-year university, you must be in one of the years from 2 – 6.  For more information, see Examples in the preceding answer and Eligibility on your right.

Q: Can I apply even though I do not have any work experience?
A: Yes, you can apply although you do not have work experience. However, students must be working on initiatives related to technology or utilizing technology in their realization. This may include a current or previous job or volunteer experience, a project you have done throughout your university, attendance and participation in conferences etc.

Q: What is the process of application?
A: First you check if you comply with all criteria (see Criteria under the sections on your right). What we recommend is to enter the application form, write your essay questions in a word document and then copy them at the application. When you are done with your writings, you copy them on the application online and submit it. Do not wait till the last day of application! See Application Guidelines for more information.

Q: What is the application language?
A: Submitted application should be in English only.

Q: Do you have any tips for applying for scholarships?
A: Students should attend the Open Houses that IF team is organizing in different universities. Check website to see the schedule.

Q: When will the winners be announced?
A: The applicants will be notified within a maximum number of 20 working days.

Q: Do I have to be registered in any university in Kosovo?
A: Only students who are enrolled in an accredited university in Kosovo can apply for IF Scholarship Program. Click here to see accredited universities.

Q: When is the deadline?
A: Applicants will be eligible to apply only when the open call is available. Please check “Application Deadlines and Review” section on your right for updates.

Q: I am already an IF Scholar. Can I apply again for this round?
A: If you are eligible to apply for scholarship based on the criteria you can apply again for this round.

Q: What does the scholarship pay for?
A: This academic year, each winner of scholarship will receive financial assistance that can be used for paying the tuition fee of the following academic year, buying academic books that are used towards attaining the degree, paying the rent, if the student is not a local citizen of the city in which s/he is currently attending courses, and other relevant objectives. Money can be paid directly to the student or to the university.  If paid to the student, IPKO Foundation will pay the tax costs.

Q: If I was born in Croatia/Serbia or in another community, but I am registered as a Kosovar citizen am I eligible to apply?
A: The Law on Citizenship of Kosovo says that: “Citizenship shall mean a legal bond between the State of Republic of Kosovo and a person which establishes mutual rights and obligations”. Therefore, if you have a Kosovar citizenship and/or are registered as a Kosovar, but also study in Kosovo, you are eligible to apply for IPKO Foundation Scholarship!

Q: If I am a scholar winner and I want to implement a project related to IF mission, what are the chances to support me?  
A: We aspire to influence, support and inspire every promising individual with a digital vision for Kosovo. We have created an expandable community of people with whom we cooperate, and part of this community are IF scholars. Furthermore, by winning our scholarship you will expose yourself to different events we organize and you will meet different representatives from our partners thus you would have multiple chances of showing your ideas/projects which has higher chances to get support. Hence, a candidate should meet all requirements set by Foundation’s mission in order for the project proposal to be reviewed and why not supported.

Q: If I fulfill all requirements but I do not have the required GPA can I still  apply?
A. Unfortunately no. We have strict rules which are listed in Evaluation Criteria. According to this you must have 3.4/8.0 GPA or higher, in contrary your application will not be subject of review process.

Q: Does the IF Scholarship affect other scholarships we get from university?
A. No.

Q: Is there any policy which favors students based on the field of study?
A. No. Once an applicant is deemed eligible they are assigned to at least three reviewers. Each reviewer only sees their job/volunteer history and essay, NOT their personal identifying information. They also only see their own review sheets and not those of other reviewers.

Q: Is there any way you can identify if the information we write in application is true or not?
A. Applicant must demonstrate their course work, volunteer projects, internships, jobs and academic projects using Facebook, websites, Flickr or other social media tools in order to be evaluated.

Q: How can you be sure that my GPA is real?
A. Before announcing the scholarship winners, we verify each applicant’s GPA with his/her submitted transcript and registered university.

Q: What if I have too many previous job experiences? Based on what should I rank them?
A: You should choose the best of them and those that are related to IPKO Foundation mission.

Q: Are winners going to be tested or interviewed after they pass application process?
A: No, winners of IF Scholarship will be selected based on their applications only.

Q: What if I do not have any past internship, project or volunteer work?
A: If you do not have previous job experiences, projects or volunteer work you can always write about a school project that you have done or even a team work you were engaged with.

Q: In my previous job I worked for an NGO. Does that count as a job experience for the application?
A: Yes, the essay question may include but is not limited to a current job, previous job, volunteer experience, a project organizing or participating in conference, development of a website or multimedia product etc which are done either for NGO, a company or individually.

Q: If I have many projects and working experiences can I write more than one project?
A: If you feel that you can write for your role on two projects in 500 words, you are free to do so. However, we strongly recommend that you describe your role on only one project.

Q: My friend and I are both applying for IF Scholarship Program and have both been part of the same Innovative Experience. What should we do?
A: Each applicant must describe his/her role within the Innovative Experience, or project, without mentioning names. Applicants submitting identical essays regarding the same project will be disqualified. Note that your role in the project must be described in your own way and must be original.

Q: Should I write GPA of only last year or is it cumulative?
A: The GPA should be cumulative from the first semester until the semester you applied. Note that if you are currently in the second semester of the 1st year in a 3-year university, you should write your GPA in regards to the first semester. In any other case, you should write your cumulative GPA.

Q: How can I verify my project if it is not online in social media?
A: You can cite whoever was part of that project i.e.professors, lectures, people from organizations, and so on.

Q: If two student are quite comparable regarding to application but different financially, are they equally evaluated?
A: We do not know and need to know the financial situation of the students/applicants, therefore we do not do these sort of distinguishment. We treat everyone equally!

Q: Which universities can apply?
A: All accredited universities from Kosovo Accreditation Agency. See Accredited Universities section.

Q: Work experience, project and volunteer work that we will write on the application should that be in our field of study or can it be something different for what we do?
A: Work experience, projects and volunteer work may be from different fields. You should write those that you think are best and are related to IF mission.

Q: Can we write as a work experience if we are currently working?
A: Yes, you may write either for previous job experience or a job you are currently working.

Q: Where can I find the online application?
A: You can find the application here.

Q. Is this scholarship awarded for Master students also?
A. The IPKO Foundation Scholarship Program is awarded and eligible only for Bachelor studies.

Q: What are the references I should give in order to verify my application?
A: In order to verify your application you have to put the link where we can see your projects online. If this is not applicable, please write any recommendations or names who can prove your role in the project.

Q: When will the results be published?
A: The results will be published after 20 (twenty) working days from the day the application is closed.

Q. When is the next call for application?
A. IPKO foundation opens the call for application for the scholarships on three separate open calls. Please check the Application deadlines and review for the exact dates.

Q: Who can I contact if I have further questions?
A: If you have any questions or concerns about the process, the review committee, or criteria please contact us at  Tel: +386 (0)49 196 655, or visit our office at Hajdar Dushi #52 (Downtown: Around the Corner from HAMAM Jazz Bar) to stay up to date. Office Hours are 9:00-17:00.