Evaluation Criteria

Through your application, you must:

1. Demonstrate your passion, drive, and commitment by describing your work on initiatives related to technology or utilizing technology in the realization of their ideas. This may include a current or previous job or volunteer experience, a project, attendance and participation in conferences and alike.

Examples of this might include but are not limited to:

  • Participating in competitive social-tech events and scoring good results such as in Startup Weekend Prishtina, AppCamp Kosovo,Wiki Academy Kosovo or volunteering in such projects.
  • Using Technology in classrooms and workshops for trainings and action projects.
  • Volunteering in activities that utilise technology as means to create useful resources for the general public.
  • Organising workshops on mathematical/technological themes.
  • Organizing or Participating in projects that accomplish significant IT goals.
  • Sharing Video/Blog tutorials on personal projects.
  • Mobilizing a large number of friends on Facebook to donate to your favorite local charity.
  • Posting and maintaining a blog on your favorite food of Kosovo.
  • Writing Articles on technology for online or print media.

2. Demonstrate your commitment to improving furthering your education with a specific focus on technology related courses. This commitment is demonstrated based on grades, field of study, previous experiences in class projects, and applicant’s’ description of their current and previous activities.

If the criteria is clearly specified, the scholarship funds can be used as:

  • Financial assistance for paying the tuition fee of the following academic year.
  • Financial assistance for buying academic books that are used towards attaining the degree.
  • Financial assistance for paying the rent, if the student is not a local citizen of the city in which s/he is currently attending courses.
  • Other relevant objectives.