IPKO Foundation awards scholarships to the brightest students of accredited universities in Kosovo through our Scholarships program. This scholarship program is for bachelor students in Kosovo only. Our scholars have the passion, ability, and drive to realize innovative ideas that can change the lives of Kosovars for the better. Besides tuition awards, IPKO Foundation scholars have the opportunity to attend events, gain hands on experience in programs, and network with business leaders and innovators from around the world.

In order to be eligible for the IF Scholarship fund, you must:

  • Be a citizen of the Republic of Kosovo.
  • Applicant must have first year of studies finished (including all first year exams), or if they are a last year student, have at least one full semester left before applying.
  • Have a minimum of 3.4/8.0 GPA respectively.
  • Study in one of the Accredited Universities in Kosovo.
  • Study in an area where technology plays a key role.
  • This academic year, scholarships will be provided based on the fulfillment of the criteria. The scholarship can be paid directly to the student or to the university. If paid to the student, IPKO Foundation will bear the burden of the tax costs.

IMPORTANT: The scholarship is not based on financial needs. It is a merit based scholarship which aims to reward students with high GPA, clear vision for the future and who are actively engaged in community projects which are related or which use technology to achieve their goals. Each scholarship beneficiary is awarded an amount up to 1,000 EUR.

Scholars’ Commitment towards IPKO Foundation

The Scholarship Program is about more than just money. It comes as a package that offers opportunities for engagement in interesting activities and events and membership of a wide network of over 100 past scholars. Besides tuition awards, IPKO Foundation Scholars have the opportunity to attend events, network with business leaders and innovators from around the world. To gain the most from the package offered from IPKO Foundation, you must commit to fulfilling at least one of the below obligations:

  • Participate in an internship during the academic year for which the scholarship was granted at IPKO Foundation or with one of the organizations IF has partnership such as Prishtina Hackerspace, Bonevet, Girls Coding Kosova.
  • Organize or volunteer in one of the IPKO Foundation projects including but not limited to Digital Kosovo, Wiki Academy, BarCamps, Bar Camp in Your City.
  • Volunteer at least two events organized or supported by IPKO Foundation such as DOKU:TECH or Bar Camps.