Application Guidelines

If you are eligible for this scholarship (see Eligibility), you should now start with the application procedure. Click this link to access the application form. Before filling out the application form, please be reminded that your application must:

  • Be written in English ONLY
  • Be filled accordingly in all mandatory fields (*). (Other non-mandatory fields are left to your discretion. You are strongly advised to fill the latter in order to connect you with our network)
  • Contain original and credible information. All information provided will be checked for plagiarism.
  • Not contain details which can identify your name, as a candidate, in the content of your essays in the application. Essays which contain such information will be disqualified in the preliminary phase and will incapacitate the candidate’s potential to win the scholarship.
  • Be filled out in all essay questions.
  • Please be reminded that transcripts should be stamped and in PDF version (we accept unofficial transcripts for students with 4.0 GPA Scale).

Essay Questions

Your essays in regards to your projects or experiences should not contain information on the project as a whole, but should rather specify your concrete role in the project you were engaged. It is important to know the success indicators of the project, however, your success is of a significant importance in the review process. You must be specific in your answers and provide structured and sound essays.

Please find the essay questions for the Scholarship 2017 below. You are required to fill out all of the following questions.

Question 1*: Describe in detail your contribution to an innovative project, initiative, or activity which made use of technology? Describe your experience and overall outcome of the project.

Question 2*: What technology development would be most useful for the Balkans. Define useful how you want – economic, political, prosperous, making your life more pleasant?

Question 3*: If you successfully acquire this scholarship, what would it allow you to do?

Apply here.