Q:How to budget my project?
A:You should provide a very detailed budget plan that shows how the money is going to be spent and after the finalization of your project you should provide a budget justification.

Q:How much money can I get for my project?
A:Depending on the project, you will be fully or partly funded. The maximum amount you can receive is 2,000 EUR.

Q:Can we apply for Organization support if our project doesn’t have anything to do with technology?
A:Your idea should not necessarily be primarily focused on technology but it should include the use of technology in order to be considered. Examples are provided in the Individual and Organization sections on our website. For any further questions, contact us at info@ipkofoundation.org

Q:How do I answer the “What kind of sponsoring do you need?” question?
A:If you are an individual or a group of people who is not registered as an organization who needs funds to sponsor the realization of an idea or project, you should apply for the Individual support. However, if you are more than one person applying for funds to attend the same conference, you should send two separate, distinct applications. If you are an individual who needs funds for supporting your education, you should apply for Scholarship. If you’re a registered organization who needs funding to realize an idea or project, then you should apply for the Organization support.

Q:Does the Sponsorship Program offer scholarships for Master’s degrees?
A:Please refer to the description of the Sponsorship Program. We offer scholarships only for the two final years of Bachelor studies. Visit Scholarship FAQs under the Scholarships section for more information.

Q:Can I apply again if I applied for the last wave of the Sponsorship program?
A:You can re-apply for the other open calls if it is a different idea from the first sponsored one (i.e. a project vs individual or a conference vs a project.). However, we encourage you to contact us before submitting the application for further clarification.

Q:Is my project/ idea eligible to be sponsored?
A:You are eligible to apply if you are: an organization which is legally registered in Kosovo and whose primary activities are in Kosovo; or an individual or group of people who are Kosovo citizens, reside in Kosovo and whose aim is to change Kosovo’s society for the better through your initiatives. In additon, the Organization or the Individual should fulfill the eligibility criteria and include the use of technology, and the funds required should be realistic – not surpass 2,000 EUR.

Q:Should my application be in English only?
A:All application forms should be filled in English.

Q:When will I get an answer for my application?
A:The answers will be sent to the applicants 20 (twenty) working days after the deadline closes.

Q:Can I send some missing documents from my application after the deadline is over?
A:In case the document cannot be obtained before the deadline, you should confirm this with IF and see if it is possible to email it to us after the deadline is closed.

For additional information, please write us at sponsorship@ipkofoundation.org