Sponsorship Program

IPKO Foundation has a long history of supporting young people by providing them with the necessary tools to further develop both academically and professionally, as well as put ideas into practice. The Foundation has supported organizations in the form of sponsorship for events and activities. IPKO Foundation supports events where young people can innovate, gain digital experience, create connections, share knowledge and work together to bring about change in their communities. In addition to providing scholarships, we also encourage the participation of IPKO scholars and staff in all the events we sponsor. For almost 15 years, we have supported numerous tech and cultural events including App Camp, Wiki Academy, Bar Camp and Bar Camp in Your City and DOKU.TECH. For more information on what we have supported in the past please check our section in Supported Events by clicking here.

Over the next 15 years, we want to support individuals, events and organizations whose goals align with our mission. Our young population is in need of support for to attend events and undertake initiatives, such as: tech camps, IT related conferences, innovative tech events and cultural events, startup weekends and alike.

The sponsorship program includes only small grants and it is divided into three main categories of beneficiaries:

  • Support for Individuals with an amount of up to 2000 EUR.
  • Support for Organizations / Events / Activities with an amount of up to 2000 EUR.
  • Support for Scholarships with an amount of up to 1000 EUR.

Please refer to the sections on your right to learn more about these categories, as well as the application guidelines. Applications must abide by all eligibility requirements; otherwise, they will not be taken into consideration.