Institute Management Program

IPKO Institute (2001-2008) was an education and training organization committed to playing an active role in the ongoing reconstruction and transformation of Kosovo through education and training, primarily within the Information Technology (IT) field.

As the leading IT centre within the region, IPKO Institute acted as an open portal through which the people of Kosovo could access a range of globally competitive knowledge based systems. These educational tools, implemented across the business, educational and NGO sectors of our society, enabled Kosovars to proactively shape their society into a world-class engine of development and enterprise.


IPKO Institute Management Program (IIMP) was initiated in February 2002, when IPKO Institute, with support from The Olof Palme International Center, started a co-operation with Hyper Island, Sweden, to create and run a two-year Project Management program course in Prishtina, Kosovo, that began in January 2003. The Management program graduated 3 crews of students and concluded operations in early 2007.

The IPKO Institute Management Program educated globally competitive Project Managers who are equipped with a range of Business, Management and IT skills, that made an immediate impact upon the local business environment, and the wider society.

The IPKO Institute Management Program was in English and consisted of 12 modules, including 20 weeks of internship at local and international companies. During the first year the students went through 12 modules, each module being 4 weeks long and each module was run by international and local industry professionals.

The IPKO Institute Management Program had the following 16 modules for the first year’s students:

  • Business essentials
  • Going online
  • Introduction development
  • Planning and running projects
  • E-commerce
  • Graphic design
  • Information systems within organizations
  • Advanced development
  • Branding and marketing
  • Advanced Project Management
  • Telecommunication
  • New business and new opportunities

The course was a work-oriented education. This was demonstrated within a number of areas: in the design of projects/modules; in the choice of teaching approaches; physical environment and educational materials; in the design of examinations and in choice of industrial Module leaders and lectures. The Module leaders and lecturers were professionals working within project management related fields on a daily basis.

The curriculum for IPKO Institute Management Program was designed together with local and international Business and Management professionals and was reviewed and updated every year.

By continually updating the curriculum IPKO Institute Management Program was continuously up to date with the needs and demands of Kosova business environment, as well as the international requirements of competitive Project Managers. The assignments within the modules were formed around real time- relevant issues and demands, and created together with the respective Module Leaders.

IIMP Success Stories

» 46 Students from 3 crews completed the program

» Approximately 90% of the students are employed today

» All students found placements for their internships within a month and most of them remained employed in relevant companies.

» As Local Companies were becoming increasingly aware of the quality of IIMP students, many companies were contacting IIMP keen to cooperate in a variety of ways – lecturing, taking interns or offering positions to students.

» The standards of performance increased from Crew 1 to Crew3.

» 40% of students in Crew3 were women.» Students worked in collaboration with private and public  institutions and NGO’s in their major assignments and public presentations were held where students presented their work and recommendations.

» Five of our students have completed their internships abroad, Hyper Island (Sweden), Other Media (UK), Telering (Austria), BOP (UK)»  More than 10% of participants went on to complete advanced degrees at respected institutions

» Students of the Management Program were eligible for a loan from Pro-Credit Bank – this loan scheme, the first of its kind within the region, was paid back over an extended period of time with very low interest.- ensured that Kosovars from even low income backgrounds could afford entry into the program.

» Crew3 students worked and finalized one of the modules with a concrete product Kosova Education Guide that was published by one of the daily newspapers.

» IIMP program was managed by international staff in the beginning and slowly handed over to local Kosovar staff.


The Management Program successfully graduated 3 crews and the program closed in 2007.  After the successful sale of IPKO Telecom (telecommunications company where IPKO Institute held shares), IPKO Institute transformed into IPKO FOUNDATION to continue supporting directly the tech sector by providing scholarship funds and supporting the entrepreneurship ecosystem.