Young promising geeks witness working environment of IPKO and UBT

Young promising technology enthusiasts from different elementary schools of Kosovo today had the great chance to visit two great institutions such as IPKO Telecom and University for Business and Technology where they saw closely the working environment where they may belong in the future.

Initiated by the IPKO Foundation and supported by USAID BEP, this visit was organized exclusively for the members of Tech Clubs of different elementary schools in Kosova.

Our team accompanied children  during their visit in the System Building of IPKO in Fushë Kosova where they were hosted by Besfort Ajeti, IF scholar, and Alban Kastrati, IPKO’s head of PR. In the System Building they visited Call Center for Consumer Service, Server Room, and Monitoring Room. What young technologists found more interesting was the visiting Server Room where they also had chance to learn about the technology used to satisfy all their users daily which blow their mind in the moment they got inside it.

After a short break, the tour with children continued to the University for Business and Technology Campus where  they were hosted by Muzafer Shala, dean of Department of Mechatronics. During this visit, children gathered many new information on robotics and mechatronics and they also got to see moving robots and robotic systems.

This was just one of many activities that are going to be organized with these very promising technologists and IPKO Foundation will be always there to help them.


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