Abetare Gojani
Program director
Abetare has over nine years of work experience in empowering youth, promoting social tech activities and volunteerism. At IPKO Foundation, Abetare is responsible for supporting the overall success of Foundation’ programs in cooperation with staff, for ensuring that the portfolio of programs, subject matter areas and internal teams demonstrate the innovation and quality necessary to contribute to the achievement of IF’ mission and the sustainability of the organization. She is primary responsible for managing the strategic plan; provision of strategic vision for the design of new IF initiatives; ensuring IP activities meet quality, impact and budget goals; participation in the organizational Management Team; representation of IF in external forums. Abetare finished MBA Studies at Staffordshire University in partnership with Riinvest College in Kosovo and has a Bachelor Degree from Rochester Institute of Technology majoring in Business Management and Public Policy. Abetare is also known as the Superwoman of the office, as she withstands any obstacle thrown at her with rationality and positivity.
Arbresha Tuhina
Finance manager
Is primarily responsible for financial matters in the Foundation. Her main responsibilities are to ensure that all the accounts have been paid, prepare and pay taxes, monitor compliance of scholarship recipients with award terms etc. Arbresha started working at IPKO Foundation (former IPKO Institute) on April 2001. Arbresha is the Manager of the Accounting Department at Baker Tilly Kosovo; she is also a board member of SCAAK since 2016. Arbresha is skilled in Quickbooks (Accounting system), Pantheon (accounting system), and SAP. Before that, she used to work at OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) as a language assistant. Arbresha is fluent in Albanian, English, and Serbian. Besha ensures that Ereza doesn’t overdo it with the colorful pens and markers.
Adelina Qarri
Program Manager
Adelina Qarri has eight years working experience with informal education, youth engagement and children and youth rights. Adelina is responsible for supporting the success of Foundation’ programs in cooperation on-site staff by designing program strategy and activities, daily oversight of operations, management of budgets, problem-solving, monitoring and evaluation, reporting, provision of technical assistance and contributing to the organization’s vision for its programs. Adelina joined the IPKO Foundation team in September 2016. Before that she worked in different NGOs as a Program Manager, Program Coordinator and as a Local Consultant for CDBE/GIZ office in Kosovo in projects related to the education system in Kosovo. Adelina finished the MA studies from University of Prishtina in Sociology. Adelina is also know to be the tornado of the office, she can put things on the right track as fast as a tornado!
Mali Tefiku
Technical Assistant
Mali is graduating from University of Prishtina with a degree in Computer Engineering. Generally interested in the tech side of how the world works, Mali has had many experiences as a programmer and web developer, and currently works as a Technical Assistant with IPKO Foundation. One of Mali's other interests is hardware and IT technology, and the way they function and make our everyday life easier. In the past, Mali has also worked at Asseco SEE, dealing with hardware equipment maintenance and sales, where he was able to gather further experience regarding his passion. He likes chess, FIFA, and is pretty good at real soccer too.
Erëza Gjikolli
Program Associate
Erëza is responsible to ensure the implementation of the Sponsorship Program, Education for Employability, Design Challenges and many other IPKO Foundation projects. She also constantly supports her teammates in delivering success in all other projects. But her most favorite part of the job is to appear on TV and radio interviews - No, not really. Through her work with different nonprofit organizations in Prishtina, Erëza developed a strong sense of devotion to the community, particularly youth development. This experience gave her a deep appreciation for how organizations seek to better our community. That is why she blended well within our organization. Ereza is a graduate of the University of Prishtina, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, majoring in Financial Mathematics (yikes!). She is one part geek, one part bookworm, two parts music lover (dancing especially) and three parts chocoholic. Too many parts?
Lum Dalipi
Program Assistant
Lum is a tech passionate with a love for art, culture and social initiatives. He studied Computer Sciences at the University for Business and Technology in Kosovo and Information and Management Systems at Nova Universidade de Lisboa in Portugal. His previous social involvement and work in various fields help our organization receive a significant assistance for the successful completion of our projects. Lum is keen on travelling and sport activities with a specific interest in basketball, football, hiking and swimming. Despite of being a quiet person in the office, his mind is remarkably loud.
Erris Boshnjaku
Communication and Media Assistant
Erris is responsible for IPKO Foundation’s Social Media, blogging and everything belonging to the online aspect of IF. He is currently a student at RIT Kosovo and is involved in many extracurricular activities, such as serving for the student government, member of the youth council, and a volunteer for local NGO that serve to improve the community. Before he worked as an Intern for UNDP Kosova. Erris is also one of the newest addition to our team and has quite some skills when it comes to DJ-ing and lifting the office spirit.
Arta Ponosheci
Arta is responsible for supporting the success of Foundation’ programs in cooperation on-site staff by designing program strategy and activities, daily oversight of operations, management of budgets, problem-solving, monitoring and evaluation, reporting, provision of technical assistance and contributing to the organization’s vision for its programs. Arta joined the IPKO Foundation team in August 2018. She has over 7 years’ working experience in different places such as international and local organizations, banking sectors and private companies. She promoted volunteerism, youth employment, social inclusion, preservation of cultural heritage and healthy environment. Arta graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Kosovo in Business Administration & Management Development with minor in Public Policy. Having worked in Walt Disney World before, Arta never fails to put a smile on our faces!
Vlora Shabiu
Program Associate
Vlora is responsible for organizing projects and activities of IPKO Foundation, monitoring and evaluating projects, coordinating and working with partnering organizations, representing IPKO Foundation with other various partners and supporters to organize the joint activities as well as organizing brainstorming sessions and conducting research related to the IPKO Foundation. Vlora joined the IPKO Foundation’s team in August 2018 with a great dedication to accomplish the mission of IF. She is a civil rights activist and thus far she has led several advocacy initiatives in the local level which consisted of youth non-formal education projects and awareness raising campaigns aimed at improving social and cultural position of young people in the region of Gjilan and throughout Kosovo. In addition, she worked as an Executive Director at NGO KAND in Gjilan from 2015 and continues to contribute as a external consultant. Vlora successfully completed Master studies in Business Administration and Management from Dardania College in Prishtina.
Ardi Ponosheci
Project Manager
Ardi joined our team in October 2018 as a Project Manager of the newest IPKO Foundation’s project: “KosLift”. His management background starts from his studies as an undergraduate of Hospitality and Service Management at the RIT Croatia and as an MBA and Business communication graduate at the United International Business Schools in Belgium. Ardi has over seven years of work experience in public and private sector in Kosovo. He is an experienced Investment Promotion Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the retail industry. He is skilled in negotiation, business planning, analytical skills, retail, and entrepreneurship. Above all, he is a nature passionate and a fiction book and film lover. A day was not well spent if he hasn’t run his 10 km in nature, read his current book or watched his favorite TV shows.
Dina Spahiu
Dina is responsible for assisting in specific concrete tasks/activities, research the specific topics and report the findings, as well as assist the staff in different events organized by IF. Dina joined the team in August 2018. Before she used to work for STIKK (Kosovo ICT Association). She received BA in Finance from University of New York Tirana. Dina developed a strong sense of devotion for the nonprofit organizations that seek to improve the quality of life for our region. Self proclaimed Cereal Killer.
Arianit Dobroshi
Arianit Dobroshi is a Wikipedian since 2005. He edits English Wikipedia articles related to Kosovo and Albanian Wikipedia on articles of interest such as aviation and science. Arianit has helped organize the two Wiki Academies in Kosovo and one in Kukes, while also serving as a member of the board of FLOSS Kosova and passionately promoting free software and other related movements such as Wikipedia.