21st Century Youngsters

Posted on: April 6, 2018

Let me tell you the story how one congress brought together youth from different places, with different
stories, who share common goals with the same passion and strength. And how I had the chance to be
part of it thanks to my work in Artpolis and the sponsorship from IPKO Foundation.
The 36 th International Arab Youth Congress was organized under the patronage of her Majesty Queen
Noor Al Hussein and this years’ thematic was “21st Century Skills for a Culture of Peace and Prosperity”
which tackled topics, such as: Communications and Technology, Creativity and Innovation,
Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. This congress’ aim was to lay the groundwork for
more effective collaboration and unity at every level in the future by engaging youth from all over the
world from both genders at an early age, in exchange of experiences and innovative initiatives, to enable
them to fully appreciate their common bonds for a better society in the future.

It is general knowledge that women in Kosovo are often excluded from the field of technology, but when
chances like this are presented I know that a lot of young Kosovar women will grab the opportunity and
make the best out of it. I consider myself to be a person who is driven by a strong desire to make
changes in the community through innovative initiatives and youth empowerment; so my participation
in a congress of this magnitude that throughout its’ existence it has gathered more than 3840 youth
from around the world, equipped me with useful capacities and new perspective on how to approach
social issues in my community that are crucial to my work as a change-maker in the making.
During the seven days of the congress, not only did we share stories of our home countries on the all
mentioned topics, we also had the chance to learn about the way different countries from Middle East,
USA and Netherlands empower youth through innovative pathways to achieve the wanted results. We
all might be familiar with practices used by developed countries, but learning from countries that are in
ongoing conflicts was an amazing experience that will allow me to better my skills in almost every single
The International Arab Youth Congress was an amazing journey and learning experience made possible
by the sponsorship from IPKO Foundation. This sponsorship was my first encounter with the IF family,
and hopefully not the last one. That is why through various ways of networking I will make sure to notify
people about the incredible opportunities that the IF provides for Kosovar youth.

-Agnesa Xheladini