Road to success!

Posted on: February 10, 2017

My name is Edmond Laja and I am a last year Computer Science and Engineering student.

Before I got to university I liked computers and technology but I did not have much knowledge

at this field and I was not really sure if this is my right choice or I should go somewhere else,

after I got to university and made a base of the concept of Computer Science and Engineering I

found out that I made the right choice because it suited me perfectly. My favorite courses at

university were programming courses, I was always inclined to give simple solution to complex

problems and through programming by developing software’s I was able to accomplish such


Living in a country like Kosovo, a country in development, a country known as the youngest

country on Europe is not that easy like it seems especially if you are a student. This country does

not give the students any kind of support, it is really hard for a student to work while studying so

all the financial burden has to carry his/her family which is not always possible for every family.

We are closed country, in the sense of we need to have a VISA to go out and visit other

countries. See different cultures, art and meet different kind of people share different kind of

ideas and why not cooperate and develop projects together which I think would be an amazing

experience for everyone, it would give Kosovo people that would know what we have to do to

make a better country. I believe, that Internet can enable us to do such thing but is not the same.

It can be just a little window that can give us the big view, but we cannot feel it and very

difficult to take the best of it.

Nowadays technology has too much impact in the world, they use computer devices which has

made the work more efficient and effective especially in hospitals, universities, government,

public administration etc. I am strongly inclined to give my contribution to Kosovo society since

it is a country in development, and one of our challenge it is to implement software’s that would

ease and improve our work in the institution that I have mention above.

And lastly but not least, I would like to thank IPKO Foundation because they are doing a great

job. I think that the future of this country are the next generations and IF by encouraging,

supporting and helping them are investing to the better future of Kosovo. Personally IF has lifted

a real part of the financial burden of my education. Having this financial aid has really enabled

me to work in more depth in my specific interest, and go beyond my programming courses. And

I would strongly recommend everyone to apply for the Sponsorship Program and be part of this

great family.