Community Boost_r Sarajevo Camp Pre-Event

Posted on: October 11, 2013

Less than one month is left until the community boost_r camp in Sarajevo opens. About twenty-five people from Kosovo, including CB Kosovo winners and representatives of various NGOs, will be heading to Sarajevo to share their experience with data.

We, as IPKO Foundation, thought that if participants get to know each other before the trip, it will become an outstanding experience. That and also the need to inform the participants in their roles in the Sarajevo camp led to the idea of organizing a pre-event to this trip. A major added value to this event was the workshop on Social Media and Social Matter that our partners from DokuKino wanted to hold.

Therefore, on Wednesday, 9 October 2013, the complete idea of such an event came to life. It is not of a great surprise that an event gathering people from different backgrounds that have great stories to tell, results in a fruitful one. This meeting was divided in two parts:

In the first part, IPKO Foundation, with the tendency to create a friendly environment,  initiated a session of introduction for every person in audience to tell who they are, which NGO they represent and its mission, and also what kind of data they use. After, a short informal presentation was given to inform participants on their roles in the camp. As a result of this first session and the discussion generated, it became obvious that participants from Kosovo will spend a great time in Sarajevo and will have great experiences to share with participants from other places.

In the second part, a great workshop organized by DokuKino took place. It was all about social matters and creative ways how to use social media and other channels in achieving the goals for a better community. First discussion was opened on the topic “How to make you community engage on something they normally don’t” making the workshop quite interactive and attractive and this mood did not change until the end of the workshop. Along the way, participants had the chance to hear about interesting and valuable project implemented in Kosovo and Serbia and how these used Social Media and Technology to send the message to the target. However, this as Darko Sokovic mentioned, is only a way to channel the issues and not to solve them. Solving a problem requires much more efforts such as discussing with competent institutions and proposing reachable solutions.