The Next Generation of Scholars is now announced

Posted on: May 25, 2013

We are happy to announce the next generation of scholars of the IF Scholarship Program for the academic year 2013-2014. For the fifth time, our foundation is allocating over 30,000 Euros to support development of the next generation of youth with digital vision for Kosovo.  Since 2009 IF has awarded over 280,000 Euros in scholarships.

After a thorough and transparent review process of a cohort of outstanding applicants, the review board has selected 22 students with scholarships for this round. These 22 students come from seven different universities in Kosovo- American University in Kosovo, University of Prishtina, UBT, AAB College, ISPE College, International Business College Mitrovica, and Riinvest.

To be eligible students fulfilled the following criteria:

All applications were first reviewed for completeness and missing information. The applications were checked against the application criteria previously posted.

  1. Be a citizen of Kosovo
  2. Be entering the final year of studies towards their degree
  3. Have a 3.4/8.0 GPA or higher, respectively

Once an applicant was deemed eligible they were assigned to three reviewers. Each reviewer only saw their job/volunteer history and essay NOT their personal identifying information. They also only saw their own review sheets and not those of other reviewers.

Each reviewer assigned a score to their candidate based on the review criteria we posted on the website. The applicants were ranked according to their overall average score. The Foundation then allocated scholarship money based on the rankings until we run out of money.  This year was highly competitive and winners received a total score of over 24 out of 30.

The IF Scholarship covers 80% of the tuition fee for winners final year in university. The winning students, except having a high GPA, are also Kosovo’s citizens who have demonstrated their capacity to improve the community where they live.

Click here to see the winning scholars.