community boost_r challenges- what are some best examples?

Posted on: May 16, 2013

If you are planning to apply for community boost_r  challenges but you haven’t decided yet, than we thought to help you with some ideas.

First of all we want to let you know that for the Challenges we are seeking ideas in the following categories: Transparency, Accountability, Citizen Voice and Public Services.  Here are some examples about how we define these categories.

Transparency: Primarily to do with access to information and elections, transparency covers initiatives, ideas and projects related to knowing what is actually going on; finding, revealing and making information usable; ensuring quality content; using mechanisms like Freedom of Information laws; sourcing and re-using open data; making it visually understandable, ensuring better access.

Additionally this category embraces elections, their procedures, and voters’ engagement.

Examples: Open Data Albania, Freedom of information requesting ,Si i shpenzon shteti paret tona-Instituti Gap,,,, Enigma

Accountability is about who’s responsible and whose job it is to actually get things done.  Often this means holding public officials accountable. Accountability also covers actions aiming to hold elected officials responsible.

Examples:, Tenderi im, Istinomjer,  Lëvizja Fol,  Istinomer

Citizens voice is all about projects which aim to mobilize people and empower them with opportunities to join movements. Campaigning, crowdsourcing, e-petitions, etc.- all that enables citizens voice and presents the collective will to authorities. It also embraces advocacy campaigns, writing to politicians and the tools that present the power behind the group of people.


Public services aims to increase efficiency and responsibility delivery of public and government services.  Initiatives may  gather information concerning services to help make them more transparent and accessible, gather beneficiary data or offer new mechanisms to ensure more democratic delivery.  Streets, schools, public transportation, health, etc. are examples of services that are financed by the government and citizens should be able offer feedback, request improvements and support developments that improve their quality of life.

Examples: Kosovo Youth Map,, Informata Zyrtare, Enigma, FixMySchool,,,, Where does my money go, The Open Budget