What’s in it for Me?

Posted on: April 12, 2012

Winning the Ipko Foundation Digital Innovation Scholarship has its many beneficial career opportunities attached to it. Here we list only a few. The rest is up to you to unfold and uncover.

During our open houses and through social media, we have always stressed that the importance of winning the scholarship goes beyond tuition payments. Yes, it is true that some universities are more expensive than others, however each winning student gets the same exact opportunities during the winning year.

Last year, Elizabeth Coleman — who also wrote the Ipko Foundation History, publishing later this year — wrote an article about Abetare Gojani titled Why apply for a scholarship if you don’t really need the money? — which explains the opportunities Abetare was exposed to as a winning student.

The benefits are numerous, with the main one being the networking opportunities offered to Digital Innovation Scholarship Winners.

Another successful story is the chance Pëllumb Reshidi got while taking part in the “Shadow Project” — read more here.

The stories above are only two of many other successful winners. Maybe your chances could be even bigger? Maybe, how Instagram’s founders went from a company that was worth $0 to $1-billion in less than two years — or even how William Kamkwamba “saw wind and made windmills…“.

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