What is Digital Innovation?

Posted on: April 4, 2012

Many students have been asking what we are looking for in a Digital Innovation Scholarship Application. Below are few examples that illustrate clearly what the scholarship is all about.

If you have…

  • Set up a Facebook page for a cause and achieved rounding-up your friends to take action.
  • Programmed a software that calculates various statistical entries and then spits out the results in a visual manner.
  • Been a part of a start-up (news portal, design/development firm, website).
  • Helped your fellow students communicate better by setting up an online forum.
  • Started a fund-raiser that helped someone in need.
  • Photographed and filmed videos relating to your personal interests with a wide outreach.
  • Volunteered for your favorite event or conference (REDO Design Conference, TEDxPrishtina, Startup Weekend, BarCamp Prishtina, Mozilla Firefox Event, SFK).
  • Taught the elderly how to use a computer.
  • Designed a website for your community, library, school, neighborhood.
  • Participated in any school/university related project and helped implement it.
  • Written tech related articles for web, print, and your local TV station.
  • …and any other activity or cause that utilized digital media & technology to reach the desired outcome.

Yes, examples above are open-ended suggestions waiting for you to fill in the blanks.

To illustrate this with real examples, the following individuals below are only few of many who have undertaken an activity with great results:

Taulant Ramabaja from sudo:base was part of last year’s Startup Weekend in which his team was among the winners. Sudo:base is currently in its early stages of business development and they are rounding up supporters and partnerships for their venture.

Kushtrim Xhakli, of Changers.com, is a serial entrepreneur working in various projects, his first being Fast Europe Ventures. Now he speaks at conferences throughout Europe and is a stellar supporter of young entrepreneurs throughout.

Gent Thaçi, though still not eligible for applying in a Digital Innovation Scholarship (he is still in High School) — has been in the forefront of organizing local events as a member of FLOSSK and being involved in digital stratosphere by promoting Mozilla, volunteering for REDO, working on projects initiated by him and his colleagues (www.prishtinabuses.info), and having a solid digital clout in the social media.

We know there are more of you out there being involved in various tech related initiatives & we are here waiting for you to win the Digital Innovation Scholarships.