On the Transparency of the Review Process

Posted on: March 29, 2012

Ipko Foundation is dedicated into providing a transparent environment for all applicants of the Digital Innovation Scholarships. Through a meticulously planned application process, the foundation has executed an online platform through which the reviewers score applicants solely on their skills, experience, and their extracurricular activities in digital innovation.

Since 2009 and the launch of the Digital Innovation Scholarships, IPKO Foundation has invested in providing the best possible online application platform. The platform, created by a team of information architects and software developers, provides a transparent environment through which each student can apply utilizing her/his work experience and extracurricular activities. Through a tough competition, students who demonstrate their concrete activities using technology or promoting technology, are awarded the scholarship.

Each application year, the platform is open for approximately 2 weeks. Throughout this time hundreds of students apply. Technically speaking, the whole process takes about an hour to complete, after which we ask each student to double-check their data before submission. Each submission is final. Upon application closing date, application administrator confirms student eligibility by validating all submitted information with each accredited university.

After all these steps are completed, students are assigned randomly, by the platform, to anonymous reviewers, after which the anonymous reviewer sees only the randomly assigned student’s information with the note: Applicant # (The image above illustrates the actual Reviewer Dashboard). No additional identifying information is provided to the reviewer. Each application is reviewed by three reviewers and an average of the three scores is used to rank the students.